Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Court, Caseworkers, and Clinicians- Oh My!

So far this morning, I've received two calls. One from my clinician and one from Aaron's CPS Caseworker. My clinician was a welcomed call-- apparently there's a check waiting for us at DePelchin to buy the lil dude clothes and such. We love, love clothes shopping- he got his first sweater vest and cords last night - I'm hoping he can wear them for Thanksgiving.

The second call was from the CPS caseworker. His second caseworker in 2 1/2 weeks. His birthmom has court ordered weekly visits and she'd like to see him tomorrow. I'm already a little skeptical as she didn't show to the last visit that she scheduled. And secretly we're getting pretty attached and I don't want to share him. I do, however, want what's best for him and I know that his birthmom will always be an important piece of who he is and who he becomes. Sometimes your head has to remind your heart. . .

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