Monday, March 7, 2011

I Remember. . .

A father of a friend of a friend of a college roommate posted an assignment on his blog about memories. Here are a few of mine:

* I remember playing with the dollhouse waiting for Jennifer to get home from preschool. I remember wanting to go too.

* I remember coming to our house in Houston for the very first time and wanting the big bedroom.

* I remember crying at the daycare window.

* I remember playing Thundercats on the swing set.

* I remember that Mrs. Wigger, my first grade teacher, hated to erase.

* I remember peeing my pants on the playground at school and never telling anyone.

* I remember setting up the tent over the coffee table and pretending it was bunk beds.

* I remember chocolate shakes and french fries from Whataburger.

* I remember the birthday party that Kristy and I went to. We were the only hearing kids there. Games People Play.

* I remember the Christmas that I knew I was in love; and the sweet knowledge years later that he was not for me.

* I remember sleeping in bed with Alex and Lynn. I remember never having been so afraid in my life.

* I remember that time that Sarah threw up on the table.

* I remember the first student I met when I was going to be a real, honest to God, teacher. You changed my life, Nicholas.

* I remember the first day that he wasn't just a friend.

* I remember the evening that a young cps worker arrived at our house and set the fattest cheeked little baby boy on our table. I remember falling in love.