Monday, November 2, 2009

Someone Else's Child


hey there

do you have 2 seconds?



i do, i do

and i am.



i just wanted to tell you -

i was thinking about you and Eric over the weekend

and what a wonderful thing you are doing

I read on somebody's profile on, "

If you are a single mother, God bless you. But I want to have my own children, not someone else's."

and it cut me to the quick

just the wording



yeah, no kidding.



and that got me to thinking bigger picture

what if no one ever wanted "someone else's children"

and I started think ing about you guys

and my cousin and her husband who adopted twins from China

and I just wanted to connect with you and acknowledge what an amazing thing you are doing

and how I, as a mother, and a single one, am very grateful for that

it just really affected me

and also kind of made me feel closer to you

that's all



well, thanks. that's really encouraging-

and encouraging to know that others are listening, thinking of, and praying for us.

and we really love y'all. we should hang out again soon. Rowan is good for Eric.



you bet

is there a possibility you will adopt the little boy you have now?

(and lol re Rowan being good for Eric)



there's a possibility, yes,

but it's a long road.

we'd love to.

but we're in it for whatever is best for him and believe that our forever children will come to us trhough adoption.




your forever children

that is WONDERFUl


well I am here if you ever need to vent or scream or cry or share some tiny wonder

I know we don't know each other THAT well

but there are ties that bind



Thank you. Would you mind if I posted some of your words on our blog?

An excerpt from a chat I had with a friend on Facebook this afternoon got me thinking about what makes a child my own. If family starts and ends with biology then we're a world in trouble. Aaron and I don't share DNA, and though my mom says we favor physically (brown hair?)- that's just coincidence, but am I any less his Mother? I feed him, I rock him, I read with him, and I talk with him. I pay for his diapers and buy him clothes. I sign the documents when I take him to the doctor. I love him and cherish him- isn't that family? And Shannon- she doesn't share my blood and we've only spent brief hours together, but she took the time to talk, she cares about us, and shares with us; Our lives are rich with "someone else's child (sister, mother, brother, uncle)", and the ties that bind us to them, while not DNA, can be just as strong.

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